There is something I must confess.

       There is a company called CBS.

       I asked if they liked my idea, and

       they said yes.

       All the ideas, they said it was the best.

       Better than the rest.

You said my idea was a mess.

I know, over my idea, we fought, nowhere did you think it would go.

My idea, you did hate.  You said it was not great.

       Well, I have something to tell.

      I hope you will not yell.  

     The idea, they have bought.

      Honey, they are giving me a lot of money.

      It is true, that that is what they are going to do.

       One hundred thousand dollars.

       My fun will never be done.

  You are going to ask, honey, if my money you can share or spend.

  You are going to ask, if my trip you can go.

  My dream you did not defend.

  Your dream I am going to end.

  I am going to say no.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

anybody who does not like my idea.

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Lesa Gay's picture

I would love to think that this is a true story but I think if it were so I would have been hearing you shout to the rooftops by now. LOL More than likely a friend that went through this our your imagination. I guess whomever laughed at this dream wished they hadn't LOL