A place where we can run.

          A place in the sun.  You know it would be fun.

          A place where we will not have a care.

          A place as fun as a county fair.

          A place in the rain, it would wash away all the pain.


          A place for us.

          Yes, it would be more than fine.

          A romantic candlelight dinner dine.

          Where we could sip some wine.      

          Where from the day we could unwind.


          A place for us.

          We could be alone.

          There would not be a phone.

          There would not be the ringing hell of a phone cell.

          We could let time drift by.

           A place for us.

          We would not ask why.

          To the rest of the world, we can say bye.


          A tear of happiness from every die.

          We could stay until we die.

          There would be no hurry.

          There would be no worry.


          Oh, a place for us.

          Yeah, a place for us.

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