Hello again.

            Again I write, as upon me comes the night.

            I do not have a fright.

            I know that you are there, somewhere watching.

            Me, you do care.

            I have not written in a while.

            Over life's road, passed a mile.

            I just wanted you to know.

            How happy I am that you are watching me,

           where ever I go.    

            I have made mistakes I know.

           Down the wrong road, I did go.

          However, I use them as a chance to grow.

         Learning the right way, so I can know is my quest.

         I know that I will not always be the best.

I know you are always there with me, in my heart in my chest.  

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Lesa Gay's picture

Another nice write to your Grandpa. You are exactly right though, we do learn from our mistakes made along lifes way. We all make them. Some are not wise enough to learn from them. I am glad that you are not one of those people.