My dear, have no fear I am here.

  My dear, have no fear I am near.

  My dear, don't shed a tear, I am here.

  My dear, I hope that our time together will not be fleeting.

  My dear, I know that when it is over; our time together

  we will not want to be deleting.


  My dear, beating with you is better than a beer.

  My dear, being with you makes me want to give a big cheer.

  Being with you makes me smile from ear to ear.

  It is the best thing I do all year.

  Being with you hun, is better than finding out I won

  $400 million.


  My dear, being with you is so much fun, I hope it will never

  be done.

  It is like a country drive.

  It makes me feel alive.

  It is something on which I thrive.

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Lesa Gay's picture

It seems this was written for someone very special to you.