Game Over.

       The eagle and the hawk watching from their perch.  

       The tree, made of birch, fell.

       The bucket of water fell to the bottom of the well.  

               Game Over.

       Harry Potter, a spell cast.

       A ship at a wharf raised a mast.

       A man amazed and dazed.

       A sweet kiss on a lip.

       A child, finally getting a cast off.        

               Game Over.

           The torch, the lamp learning, both lit.

           The target hit.

           The baseball, caught with my mitt.

               Game Over.

               Game Over.


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Lesa Gay's picture

This game seems to be filled with twists and turns and endings unexpected. Interesting to try to reach into your mind to see where you were at when you fingers typed the words. It appears to be deep thoughts by you with meaning that might not be seen at first reading without explanation. This is not saying that this is not very good. In fact in brings the mind to ponder