A city so pretty.

  So much to see  me and you, so much to do.  We'll never be through.

  We won't go insane.  We can both travel by plane.

    Val, pal. Valerie, see

  It's a wonderful scheme.  It's a wonderful dream.

  A wonderful place.  A wonderful space.

  Wings, sing.

    Gay, day, way

   We don't have to make a commotion.  We'll fly over the ocean.

   We'll fly over the sea.  Yes, it'll be just you and me.

  We hold hands.  We truly understand.

      kiss miles, smiles

       my Valerie.

          I would love for you to come to

        One is not fun.

       Paris with me.

       I hope you see.

  Stand on the top of the e. tower.  We'll have so much power.

         It'll be better than a dream.  It'll be better than ice cream.

        Across the sea.  Across the ocean.  We don't have to make a commotion.

           Paris in the spring with you, it's true, won't make me blue.

          Paris in the spring, makes my heart sing.

            So much for you and me to see.  So much to do.  We'll never be through.  It'll be just me and you.

           The effiel tower, all the power, The museums.

            So much romance.  Let's dance.  Let's prance in the city that's

       the capital of France.

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