We met only by chance.  

              he see, as I was leaving my building,

                       passed right in front of me.  

               We talked.  We walked.

      Rolling was the ball.  We'll see the rest of it all.  

                                We live really close by.

                    It can really make you cry.

                                      Just up the street.

                                      It's really neat.

                     We met at BU, yes it's true.

                    We took the same class.

                We, living so close by, probably

                  a lot of times did pass.

      But, each other we did not know, until

  the BU class we did go.

                The beautiful grass.

                    We'll now see where we'll go.

                          Where will the river flow.  

                     We'll take a chance.  We'll dance.    

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