A place.

        A place of our own.

        A space of our zone.  Our own zone.

        A place under the stars all ours.

        A place under the planets, we can see Mercury and Mars.

        A place with the sun.  It will be fun.

        A place under the moon.  I hope we go soon.

        A place under the blue sky.  Let us not ask why.


  Where it is, I don't care.

  What we do, I don't care, as long as I am with you.  OO.

  If we don't go, I am going to cry.

  Please don't say no, I am going to die.


   A place in a forest of pines, that will be sweet as lime.

   A place by a train line, that will be fine.

   A place by a gold mine, that will be divine.

   A place by a store selling wine.

   A place by a mill, our senses it will fill.

   A place by a hotel or motel, as soft as

a Christmas bell.    

   A place in a town, where we can never get found.

   A place in a city, where we can be witty, ditty, sing

a happy ditty.


   A place where we can play.  What do you say?

   A place where we can watch in come the day.  I know the way.

   A place where we can see a rainbow.  

   Where we are, nobody will know.


   A place in a village, where we free of those us who pillage.

   A place as high as the sky. Where, we can say "my oh my."

to the rest of the world, we can say goodbye.

   A place out of the weather.  It will be soft as a feather.

   A place where we can read a book in the nook.

   A place out of the rain, it will not be a pain.

   A place out of the storm, we can both be warm.

   A place not cold, each other we can hold.

   A place in the warm, a relationship we can ford.

   A place in the snow, it will be fun to go.

   A place by a lake, I know it won't be a mistake

   A place by a ocean, it won't be a commotion.

   A place by a river, where we will not shiver

   A place by a stream, it will feel like a dream.

   A place in a wood, it will be so good.


   A place where the two of us can get old.

   A place as great as gold.  I know this is fate.

   A place that will never fold.


    Let's not wait.

    Let's not be late.

    This is the date.

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