In the future, everybody will have a chip inplanted in their brains.  This chip will have contain all the information that the Internet does now.  They will be able to do everything that they can do on the Internet right now.  In the event, that they want to order something, all they have to do is think of it, and their brains will do the rest.  Every person's brain will have the same information.  This will make things easier.  Also, there will be no competition over who knows more.  Thus, shows like Jeopardy will be off the air.  When there is more information to add, people with get an update inplanted in their brain.

                 MIND GAMES

We will also be able to play any game that we want.  Again, we simply tell our brain what game we want to play and play it.  This can be any board game, any game on the Internet, or any video game, from any video game system, ever.


We will know BEFORE we meet people, if we are compatible with them.  We will know how the relationship will go.  In this situation, as in other situation, as in other situations, we will be able to see the future.  Thus, dating will be a thing of the past.


If we want to hear a song, we will just need to think it, and it will play in our heads.

          a. APs

          a. There will be no need for checkers at supermarkets.

           a. no need for money, as everything will be debited.


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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I could see how this could happen I just hope it doesn't. As it is our society is so computerized,mechanized,digitized it's often forgetting the human factor.If that chip does happen we may as well be a bunch of droids....Good piece Chris but I hope you're wrong...

vilmazab's picture

OH my gosh! let this only be in writing, for this to happen will mean the end of the W?...but good thinking though, good imaginings!!