Why do you treat me this way

              Why is it, with me you don't want to play.

              Why did you say, for me to stay away

         A day of sun, fun, turned into a boring, rainy, day.


              I just want to know.

              Why away from me, did you go.

              I just want to know, what it was, that I did do.

              Why am I blue


         We used to be, see,

         such, good, good, friends.

         Why did it have to end.

         We spent time together, birds of a feather

         We went to each other's home.

         We were never alone.


             I want to again, see, be your friend.

             I try to more try.

             I don't want to anymore cry.

             I want to more try.




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Lesa Gay's picture

The feeling of loss is so evident in this one. People just move in and out of our lives but it is always so hard to understand the why of it all. When the feeling is great enough to bring your feelings to poets page, the loss is great. I amm so sorry.