There's a lot of summer heat.

                 It's not neat.  

                    We all want a way to beat the hit.

                    Decks times three

                    All that I can see.

            See, nobody has AC.

    We're all densely packed.

   Nothing to do about that.

                          All around.

                        It's all that can be found.

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Lesa Gay's picture

Good Morning Chris,

Thank you so much for all of your visits yesterday. I found something new from you. That's great!

It sounds like you are experiencing heat and cramped. Not a nice combination. If you are working today maybe you will get a little break with the AC there.

I will probably be dropping in and out on you today. My shoulder seems some better but Sundays around here are busy. I brought the laptop out of hiding so that may help.

Glad to see that one of us can write something new. LOL

I read your email last night of your friend that writes here. I will go back to it and see if I can find her sometime today.

Yes I do admire you. You have shown me nothing but a very kind heart both in comment and in my reading of you. Besides that you are the same age as my daughter, who could do very well in writing but will not jump in and try. LOL I love to read young writers. Brings me back to my youth waaaaaaayyyyy back when. LOL

Blessings to you from Reno, Nevada USA