We hear a lot about science and math in the curriculum.  We do not hear as much about history and social studies.  This is a problem as these subjects are just as important as science and math.  Also, they may not seem as interesting as math and science.  We need to get history and social studies more exposure.  One way we can do that is having a history/social studies night at school.

There are several activities that can be done during this night.  One is a trivia contest.  The questions could relate to any area of history or social studies.  This could be oral or written, in groups or alone.  There could also be discussions or debates.  Videos could be shown.  Finally, there could be discussions on local politics.      


There could also be a variety of fairs.  There could be a state fair, where students could do reports on different states.  A country fair or a famous person fair could work the same way.  A history event or a government fair could be held where students do reports on historic events or topics in government.  

Finally, students could do projects and presentations.  There are a wide variety of possibilities.  However, some examples are a re-enactment of an event, a movie, or a play.  Studenbts could also write stories or design posters.


In conclusion, there are a lot of different possibilities for a history/social studies night at school.  The night could be a way to show students that history/social studies are just as interesting as the other subjects.  This could increase student euthasism for these areas.    

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