I can't wait to see.

            What Santa did bring me.

            All those gifts under the Christmas tree.

            They are all wrapped up in boxes and bows.

            What are they?  I really want to know.


            I can't wait until Christmas day.

            All those toys with, I'm going to play.

           All those books, I can't wait to take a look.  

           All those games.

            Just thinking of all of them drives me insane.


I mark off the days as they go by.  They go so slow, I know.  

            It makes me want to cry.  I wish they would fly.

            Five, four, Three, two, one.  

            Will this countdown ever be done?

  I have no fear, because I have been a good boy all year.  

  I did answer yes see, the question Santa asked of me.


      If I really, strain, I can hear rain, or is it

       the sound of hooves on my roof.

Is that the sound of a Christmas bell?  Or is it a Santa yell?

            This last night, it's so hard to stay in bed.

            All those wonderful thoughts in my head.


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Lesa Gay's picture

The excitement of Christmas through the eyes of children and adults alike. I think it is the only time of the year when adults let themselves become young again. I have a Christmas write I will put up for you. It has pictures of the inside of my house. Christmas in July, I guess stranger things have happened. Christmas should be carried throughout our year, ever year. The world would be a much better place to live.

Loved this one. I can tell you love Christmas and I hope the one coming soon will only bring you more joy.