It is for you that I care.

           Love is something I hope we can both share.

           My life I want to share too.

           We will never be through.

           With you, I would love to go anywhere.

           It is as fun as going to a county fair.


           I'll be the one.

        We will have fun.

        The fun will never be done.

        The times that we have will be good.

        As sweet and as neat as the ice cream called Hood.

        We know that with each other, we are both understood.

         I'll be the one.

           We can go to all the malls.

           We can go to different water falls.

           We can go to all the balls.

           We can dance and prance around.

           We can make a joyful sound.

           We may never be found.

           I'll be the one.

           You and I can look around and on things, spy.

           We can ask about things, why.

           You and I can explore.

           We can open every door.

           We can go to stores and things buy.


           I'll be the one.

           I know that our hearts will sing.

           You are diamond ring pretty.

           You are as precious to me, as the vase Ming.  

           We can sing a happy ditty.


            Oh, I'll be the one.

            Yeah, I'll be the one


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