Tossed in the storm

     Lost in the ocean.

     Lost in the sea.

     Is anybody going to come looking for me

     A raging sea of blue.

     It's a nightmare not a dream when it happens to you.

     I hope you understand.  All I want is an island of land.

I hope you understand.  

All I want is to take somebody's hand.  

This trip was a mistake.

     All I want is to hold somebody's hand.  

I just want to get out of the cold.

It makes me want to scream.  

It turned into a nightmare from an ocean dream.



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Lesa Gay's picture

I would hate to find myself losit at sea. It would be very hard not to just give in and let go. I saw something similar to this on discovery the other night. The one man that survied a ship wreck said that the voices just kept telling him to give up and go to sleep. He said it was as if they were trying to talk him out of life. They didn't win. He was alive to stand in front of the cameras to tell the story. This is the second I have ran across this morning in reading you that speaks of being lost in an ocean. We can be lost anywhere.