Reading and writing are very important skills to have.

    When you read, you get to have a discussion, share ideas, thoughts, with the person who wrote the piece.  

    You also get to decide what you information you want to cover.

     It's true freedom.

    When you write, you can be whatever you want.

    You can also decide to transfit information on a topic that you know a lot about

     It's true freedom.

      That is why, it is very important that we make sure every person has this ability.

      That is why, it is very important that we make sure we teach these skills to all of the people who need to learn them.



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I so agree. My daughter ended up dropping out of school because we did everything we knew to do to help her learn to read and the writing was not much better. Imagine a Senior in high school trying to keep up without the ability to read and write. Just got too frustrating for her. She was tested for everything under the sun. She mastered the reading on her own after she got out of school and reads circles around me, but the spelling of the written words still throws her. She has a high IQ and has always held good jobs but the disability has held her back in life, because she could have gone much further. Great write.