We met through the Commuter Club.

        We have become great friends.

        We will be friends forever.

        Friends forever.


   We started by watching football games on Sunday afternoons.

   Now, we get together on Friday and Saturday nights.

   We play video games.


        We go to Celtics games.

       The first one was Boston Celtics v. Chicago Bulls

       October 31, 1998.

       We passed a McDonald's.

    Marc's comment:

"McDonald's is the worst restaurant in the world!"  

   It's down on record, forever. Marc!

       Many things in common

1. pediatrician 2. doctor 3. same town 4. same learning style

5. sports       6. dentist  7. college commuters  8. Curry Commuter Club  9. Honors program 10. classes


    A great friend.

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Lesa Gay's picture

It is nice to have great friends with the sme interests. I hope that you and Marc are still great buddies. The day was long yesterday and did not have the time to stop in.