So strong, So proud, So majestic,

             So big, So tough.

             So fast.



6-11 feet long, tail another 12 to 19 inches

up to 6 feet high    

weight of 793 to 2,000 pounds

       can hit 35 miles an hour

  Location: Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, Canada, and maybe more areas.

             In the American West.

      Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado,

       the American west.

       Once there were a lot of them.

       Millions and millions.

           When they ran.

         They ran as a group.

          One big group.

          One big noise!

          One loud noise!

       Loud as thunder on the plains!

       Then the railroad came in 1869.

       Then the near end of the buffalos came.

       But, bison are strong, tough, resilant.


       They are still with us,

Bison are in Federally protected areas all over the country.

         and natural history museums everywhere


       To learn more on bison, visit

    a. The listing for bison in the animals section of  There are also other links to related sites.

    b. The Denver Zoo website.

    c. The National Zoo website.

    d. The book, Zoo Animals by Michael H. Robinson

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Lisa Marie "MaliMode"'s picture

Awesome piece! I have been contemplating writing a piece regards buffalo/bison. Your piece here has inspired me, thank you. I'm going to read again!