This is new

I was never one

To hold back

To stop before I speak

To think before I give

I live to love

And love to live

And you

You make it so difficult

For me to refuse

The way you say my name

The way you stroke my hair

The way you make me feel

I can soar

But you

You scare me so

The way you never seem

To need saving

The way you carry yourself

And hold the world

In the palm of your hand

You do not need me

And I know

You can bury our memories

As fast as brushing dust

From your shoulders

You scare me

Because I want you to need me

I need you to save me

You scare me

Because what I found with you

Was so much more

Than what I had bargained for

And I want it all

But I have to hold back

To stop and think

Because this is new

I cannot save you

I have nothing to offer you

And you

You have everything

And you lose nothing

Without me.

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