A feeling that lets you know you're alive,
But also frightens you thinking you may die..
To some it can be a form of encouragement,
But for some it's accompanied with resentment..

Strong or not, you can show it in a cry,
But for me I hide it with a smile..
No matter how deep or shallow it is,
That feeling still give you some kind of chills..

It makes your heart beat faster and faster,
And your mind tends to keep thinking harder..
But no matter how hard you try to forget,
PAIN is a part of life you can't omit..

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9inety's picture

very true

We do what we can to ease the "pain"

writing sometimes helps

you have a talent with words

I encourage you to continue



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

chibipatotie03's picture

thanks Dylan.. :)

I agree with you and actually writing is my way of expressing what I really feel.. I appreciate your encouragement.. THANKS..