No You


The evanescent memories of your smiles used to drive me insane,

The way you would touch my face and hold my hand used to make me cry.

But since then, I've realized what I need to do--

And I've added up all the things that matter and all that it equals is

No you

I remember how our kiss was that winter night,

I smile in memory, in ignorance

It wasn't supposed to go so fast-- so dangerously fast

That I lost myself in that smile, that touch, that kiss...

I lost myself in you.

My words may have never made sense to you,

But they mean the world to millions,

If only you'd wake up and see...

I was once worth something before you came into my life,

I was worth something.

The way your fingertips clumsily entertwined with mine,

The color of your eyes, and how I painted them months after-

The memories slowly vanish with the sounds of our songs,

I feel at peace.

But I'm okay now, there was never any doubt in my mind,

We were something that had no definition-

Something that would not live, that would not die-

But be eternal

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something that shouldn't have surfaced.

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