2009 poems

I speak of 9/9/09'
because I have waited
my whole life
for this time
Alot of stuff has happened
in my time before 9/9/09'
Like for example
please look below
to see what I've been alive
Then everyone can go OMG
That stuff really happened?
Shocking huh..

1995: Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols (Marle bombing) Apr. 19 1995 (168 ppl.killed)
1999: April 20 (Columbine Shooting) (13 ppl. killed)
1999: May third tornado (hits Westmoore in OKC)
2001: 9/11 (planes crash into the world trade centers killing millions)
2007: April 16 (Virgina Tech shooting)

Then there is so many murders that have happen in this world
That Jesus created us to live in.. We forever need prayer
for all these anguish haters to stop distroying this house
of love, care and what ever else Jesus created us to be in this world.

(c)Cherisse Powers


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