The First Fable of CharlaX

The First Fable of CharlaX

The First Fable of CharlaX

A Falcon Cry

The Falcon Cries:

He spreads his wings in vain attempts to dry

He tells me once in a whistle WHY?

Why cannot we fly? When will the rain let up and let me in the air?

When will the water stop to drop on feathers so wet there?

The Falcon Cries:

A mournful sound so loud in quiet of early morn

His claws dug deeper in the branch to keep from being torn

Away from perching in the storm

His sharpened beak at work to smooth his feathers

He was using extra care no longer talking just to me his only whistle

Told me many things

The Falcon Cries:

We disagreed with all the rain both the Falcon and the eye.

Why can't we fly?

Eye could clasp the bird to bosom and dry his feathers there

A bird so wild and wonderful so hurt

With all my tears for the Falcon Cry.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

there was a real bird
not a chirp
it was a whistle
in the rain

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