My Christmas Tree Is Ewe


My Christmas Tree Is Ewe

My Christmas Tree Is Ewe

Monkey flies and lies disgrace the human race and television has infected all the children and the places that they go. What  I   want   for   Christmas   fare   is just ewe and a place underneath the mistletoe.  My Christmas tree is thee.  Humble and retained in innocence and restfulness.

   Wrapping   all   the   gifts   in   love   and   kisses  please.

The kiss is gift enough for me please send me three of them all sweet and tender and tasting just like CHRISTMAS wine.

Love has come back to me for Christmas time.

But not of gold and silver dew eye speak of.

The very Heart of ewe is parme purple violet hued.

What have eye deserved to ascertain the fragrances of a lemon flavored ewe?

Kiss me three times dew.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

eye love the ewe

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Nice poem although it lacked