A Garden For Your Temple

Beseech the seeds then


    I planted them all in certainty

    Killed the seedlings 

   With otherworldly means 


Strike a conversation


    With ill received strict nine

    Stroking the banister now

    We were always this hungry


Now you can see that too


    No more coy play dates

    Dyed personalities cover up

    The brain that's ashamed to love


A witch settles in the den


    Bringing cauldrons boiled

    Double dipped formulas forbade 

    Us from ever touching skin again


White galleons head west


    Pure follows the color black

    Just as sure as when

    I followed a turned back


I let others do these things


    Closed eyes can see then

    What my open ones see now

    A world blinding the timid of us


In bright lights

In late nights

We all get lost in our temples

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