Afraid of Nothing

All the teeth fell out

This morning

     Dropping to the ground

Like fresh snow into a bowl

      Of roasted honey nut cheerios

 Cause when it's late

      Too late for us

 I wonder if they'll return


      In gravity or 

   Animal magnetism 

Everything has a way 

    Of coming back

She said


   Chewing is not the choice

We need to eat this world alive

      And shit out it's frailty

It's venomous voices

    Vile despicable husks of

   Spoiled dreams

Await me 

    In the pools of mercury

        Arms expanded out for embrace

  Racked with tension shaking quite

Wrapped in snakes coiling still

     The lake is the last place 

        We could ever be human

     The last grace

        Before a spiral in spacial black

We were always afraid 

 Of nothing 

    Being nothing can be the worst


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