Iron Understood

Did the dog forget the call,

Has the bird forgot the words of it's song unsung,

Did I hear right that you're draped in tragedy,

And did that fear come just before a party favor,


Where do the crows go, the seeds sew,

Her silence falling on death's doorstep groans

Before evaporating completely as vapor tends to do,

I have had enough of the hunters bow

Rising in leave of a murder's contention,

Where have the leaves all blown,

The tree regrown,

Frozen in icy throne

Or meadows bone,


I have become otherworldly,

The one I inhabit has lost all adventure,

The magic has been proven false,

With science a swell replacement,

The roads all traveled

blocked by crooked wood

Or magistrate hoods,

And the absence of good and evil

Replaced with iron understood,


I have blossomed into boredom,

I am apathy's constant house guest,

Sharing nothing at all with zero care

Flailing idle hands about the air,

What's worth the wait,

How much time do I have left

before the shot clock times out

and has the dinner party arrived

am I too late,

Was the feast all the rave

as the critics said it would be,

Did you dine alone as you know you should,

if anything else is to be asked


is the iron understood?

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