However Golden, it's Dead

I'm standing on a hill

in a field of grass and what

looks to be a forest

in the distance,

my finger glowing 

in a pulse of black 

strikes me as odd,

I lift it high into the air 

and when I draw the ink from 

it seems to levitate,

Im in awe,

I proceed to write into

the thin air above 

where the hill goes 

down into the forest,

I write the words,

"Dead Scenery"

Dont ask me why,

I don't know why,

but the ink hanging there 

starts to drip and run,

it changes color into a 

metallic purple as it's morphing

through all letters of the alphabet,

The word "Scenery" completely

splashes on the ground

and still the word "Dead"

is morphing until

the ink turns golden,

and hardens there

in a shimmering display

of gold adorned glory,

the word is no longer "Dead"

its "Deeds"

blasting me with its

unexplained light



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Had a dream about this. Don't know what it means but I found it interesting.

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