The Girl was in a Rush

The woman was in a rush,

with everyone

with everything,

She met me in a flash and soon enough 

we were dating,

it was never too much and the feelings of love

were hurried,


But I stuck with it 

and with her,

I rose in the morning for her

I learned new things 

and I opened myself completely 

to her hobbies and dreams,

I never made her feel stupid 

for wanting to do what she wanted,


The woman was in a rush though,

not more than five months in

she doubted me,

my love and my commitment,

my plans with her,

"You don't want a baby"

She didn't know that

"You don't want to stop being a child"

She couldn't prove that,


And I stuck with her,

i relayed my messages 

any way I could,

but if you look at something 

long enough a new problem will arise,

"You don't mesh with my friends"

"Your friends don't like me"

"Your friends don't understand me"

"You're not like me"

"You're not from my school of thought"


The woman was in a rush to love 

to judge 

to doubt me 

and in the end,

to leave me


but I never stopped loving her 

and I'll never stop believing

that in her dreams 

she's in a rush to feel the same

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