All the Bells and Whistles

If there's a coin operated
 Machine for happiness 
 Then point me in the direction
 Of a local retailer,
 I want all the bells and whistles,
 The deluxe model,
 I'll take it in candy apple red
 And sleep with it 
 Nestled tight when dreams
 Are fed to me just right,
 I'll carry it with me to the bar
 And all the girls will know
 That, hey, that guys happy,
 I bet he has his life together,
 A real go-getter
 I assume his role in society
 Is fitting and fine 
 A model citizen to which
 all admire,
 But this machine you can buy,
 This machine that is easily
 Accessible and fits 
 Into most overhead 
 storage compartments
 Is not for sale,
 Because what you need to have it
 Is what it actually might be
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