Hateful Muse


(Muses are like) psychedelic witches buried in the concrete:

Ride me underground with your bitter potions

Shove me into your black cauldron and cackle

Black witch, dirty bitch anoint me with your

Red menses and sicken me with your taste

You have made all my things drop off with death

Stab me, I am wretched

Flay me, I am treacherous

Boil me, boil me –

I’d like to turn

in your filthy oils.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by my sister's art.
I might add, since I seem to have copped some flak for posting this poem, that this is not about my muse and that not ALL muses are benevolent...!!!

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This is amazingly insulting to the concept of the Muse. My muse is a living, breathing, very much alive and exquisite woman who, if she posted here, would put, upon this poem, a comment the like of which has never been posted at postpoems. Fortunately, she does not care to comment, so I will do so in her stead, and with far more restraint. I am surprised that a poet of your obvious skill and accomplishment would post a poem like this.


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I would like to apologize for

I would like to apologize for the comment I made, almost eleven years ago, and posted above this one.  I badly misread, and misunderstood, the poem; and should have been far more restrained in my response.  I should have asked, first, what you actually meant, if it was, then, unclear to me.  When I read the poem again, this morning, I felt like I understood it more fully, making my initial remark a demonstration of my innate ignorance and failure, more than once, to read a poem as it is written.  I apologize sincerely, and I hope you will accept my apology.  I am a deeply flawed individual, and well aware of those flaws; but, when convicted of them (as I was this morning in re-reading the poem), I know enough to know an apology is in order.  And, thus, I offer it here, and openly, for anyone else to see.


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Aaah, no worries!! You were

Aaah, no worries!! You were as entitled to an opinion as I was to post it! It's all good, no need to apologise!!

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Thank you for the

Thank you for the forgiveness.  In the difficult situation I am in, my errors and faults return to haunt me, but apologizing for their manifestations seems to thoroughly dismiss them as they occur.  Thanks again.


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