She's Trapped Inside Herself

She cries a little more,

The feeling she harbors is

Too much without him.

Can’t stop feeling like she

Is the case, is the factor.

She hasn’t slept for days,

Red eyes dripping with tears

They take away her jewelry

They take away her shoes

She is now under watch,

Less she makes just one mistake.

She dies inside slowly

No one really cares

It takes her body first

Mind still raging wars

Against herself

And in the end

She is the one who loses.

She walks out of there,

I told you not to go,

But she begged and called

She pleaded like a child

She is just a child

Now you’ve become the handler,

To this monster,

To this factor,

To this mistake

To this loser.

To this child.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

who is this girl?

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