My Diseases and Disorders

everytime they say, "oh no.."

i feel as if i could cry.

what is wrong with me?

why am i not like the rest?

so many things are wrong with me,

so many diseases and disorders.

sometimes i hate living.

why can't i be the best?

they thought my mom abused me,

now they think i abuse myself.

i just want it all to stop.

why can't i pass this test?

they tell me i'm bipolar,

but i don't know what that is.

i'm struggling just to live day to day.

why am i hell's guest?

i have add and bad,

dr's tell me i have no attention span.

all i want is to learn like the others.

why is my body being a mess?

my body doesn't function right,

it rejects itself.

cells kill off each other right and left.

why can't more be less?

a simple pain in my heart,

becomes some aweful disease.

am i the only one scared here?

why can't this just be surpressed?

my diseases and disorders,

they have taken over my life.

this pity-party is long over due.

why can't i be like the rest?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

bipolar disorder, add, anemic, hypoglycemic, and now, i might be bleeding and not know it...

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