Razor Blade Kisses *Warning*

I used to cut real lightly,

now I cut too deep.

I used to slice really finely,

now I cut too steep.

I used to cry because it hurt,

now I smile or look away.

I used to hide late at night,

now I do it during the day.

I used to care if others saw,

now I let them see.

I used to think I was wrong,

now the only right one is me.

I used to hate when I did it,

now I use it to cope.

I used to rely on people,

now I use this the most.

I used to believe that I was sick,

now I know I am well.

I used to think I lived in heaven,

now I think I live in hell.

I used to hate everyone around,

now I just ignore them.

I used to wonder what my problem was,

now I can write it in a poem.

I used to think someone could stop me,

now I know no one cares.

I used to think it was scary,

now I have no fears.

I used to hate to see the scars,

now I see them every day.

I used to huddle myself over,

now I find somewhere to lay.

I used to hope that I die,

now I hope I cut too deep.

I used to think death was good,

now my spirit needs somewhere to keep.

I used my razor to solve my needs,

and now I've stopped to care.

I'm simply left alone,

with razorblade kisses everywhere.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

kisses up and down my arms... up and down my thighs... and up and down my neck.... so sad, so sad

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