Abuse Towards Woman

It started out so innocent,

and now it is a crime.

Of passion and of violence,

one that stands through time.

A man that beats his wife,

teaches his son to do the same,

With each and everyone,

the all bear a familiar name.

They are the men that bring life down,

they throw until it hurts.

Life-wreckers that beat you down,

when you're already knee-deep in the dirt.

Those sons go on to teach their own,

that a woman is much less.

Sons become husbands,

and women become a mess.

What happens to these women?

Where do they stay or go?

Some disappear forever,

And some we never know.

We cannot stop everyone,

but we can try our best teach the young,

Like a choir singing gospel,

our song will have to be sung.

But who will sing it out now?

Who can touch them all?

And if we do succeed,

is there a chance that we could fall?

Yes, of course there is that chance,

but this crime of violence is too much,

I'd rather run away,

then withstand another touch.

By trying to succeed,

we gain the chance to lose.

But think about the women,

to whom we are the muse.

Abuse and neglect are too common,

and no one deserves that ever.

We can teach our sons and daughters,

to be peaceful in their endevoures.

These crimes are still unreported,

but in time i know that will change.

Because messages like these,

never leave you feeling the same.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

stop the violence. stop the hate. stop the men who beat their wives and children. reach out, ask for help, confide in someone you trust.

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