Figured You Out

He runs his fingers through her silky hair, like liquid satin, the color of dark chocolate.

The scenery changes into a deserted plain of isolation.

Her body mangled across a portrait.

Slashed to pieces in terror.

His temptation exposed upon her skin, so soft and babyish.

Freckles outline her face, with jealousy in his eyes.

She’s on her knees, the way he likes her.

With her eyes begging to be let go.

Generosity overcomes him and he releases her.

The floor cradles her.

All the places they go, all the people she knows.

He likes her best, she puts him to the test.

Of all the romantic things, not one is involved.

He whispers “I know who you are.”

“I know who you are.”

She cries herself to sleep, another victim of hostility.

He trickles his fingers over her stomach, like summer rain against soft silk.

She gasps and curls away from her master.

The way he touches her so.

Thoughts race through her head, so contemplative.

He likes her pants around her feet,

A play toy to be dangled and damaged.

He’s got her figured out.

She lays still, obeys the orders given.

Not impressed with the sense of style in life.

He can’t remember a time she didn’t wreck.

He inches his fingers up her thigh, aiming to take what he wants.

She hates the way that she says please.

The things she knows.

He hates the way she can’t say no.

They’ve got each other figured out.

Figured out, it wasn’t that hard.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

and it wasn't so hard, just to figure you out...

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