One To Chose, And One To Lose

i thought this would get easier,

i thought i was over you.

i thought that by loving someone else,

that my obsession with you was through.

i thought that being away from you,

would make my life have more ease.

i thought my beng someone new,

might erase my jealous tendencies.

i thought that you were not the one,

that i was right to leave.

i thought that you were very boring,

i thought my heart could not decieve.

i thought that i could hate you,

for what you didn't say,

i thought i would learn to forget you,

so i could feel again one day.

I THOUGHT that i stopped loving you!

i thought this nightmare was through!

but now i'm so scared and confused,

i don't know what to do!

I THOUGHT that i was in love with him,

that he would change my mind,

i thought that you were so unlike,

he was decent, you were unkind.

i thought the tears had finished coming,

that they weren't going to fall.

i thought that i could run away,

i thought i could ignore it all.

i guess that i was wrong,

i guess i didn't know.

i guess i still love you,

much more than i lead on, so....

i know that i'm in trouble,

that my heart is breaking again.

i know that i'm falling apart,

and will be bcak on the mend.

i know that i still love you,

and him, oh yes, so much.

i know that i cannot survive,

with out either of your touch.

i know that poligamy isn't the answer,

because if it was, thats true,

i know i wouldn't worry,

about me falling in love with you.

i know that i am happy,

that he makes me laugh and cry,

i know that he is the one,

that i don't want to say good bye.

I KNOW that you still love me,

and i know i feel it from you,

god damn you for feeling this way,

god damn me....

-for feeling it to

Author's Notes/Comments: 

there will always be, my one to chose, and my one to lose... but will it always be so hard??

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