Why Did You Leave Me Alone?

how can you watch this?

it unfolds right before.

this stinging famliarity.

this story is so well known.

can't adjust the screen.

a picture so blurry to see.

the thoughts running away to no where.

must there be a place to go?

the fuzzy picture remains a mystery.

how can you let this just unfold?

how can you sit on by?

as if nothing is happening in front of you?

the eyes are blue with watery tears.

her childish face is struck with anger.

the fear in her eyes is so priceless.

such a life of horrid results.

"can't do anything now."

"might as well ship her off"

those pleas with tears are gone unheard.

no one can unstand.

just because she cannot speak how it is that she feels.

Why must it be like this?

Must it?

Can we not fix it and change it?

For the better?

She blinks away her tears.

All unheard.

You don't understand at all do you?


She whispers softly...

She has no way to tell you how.

"Please help me... please stop this..."

But you walk away.

You leave and go.

To where?

For how long?

Do you even know?

Nothing is for certain,

But let me tell you one thing:

Why would you leave me alone?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

one day you'll see, that girl was me -Lindsay Lohan

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