Dragged To Hell

on nights most like this i wonder how...

how something like this could have spread...

like the dangling, demented,

half corpse who's dead.

why did it start and end too soon...

i cannot admit to foul play at all...

with this creeping, crawling,

corpse against the wall.

crying, screaming, bleeding too...

pulling me down, i'm here for you.

the scene of horror planted inside,

now even you can no longer hide.

innocence has gone and strayed,

the edges of my scarf have frayed...

in an attempt to sacrifice my love i bleed,

save me prince a top your mighty steed.

i wobble stumble trip and fall...

did my finale mean anything at all?

they welcome me onto this floor,

all the corpses wanting more.

so unsure and afraid i am,

slowly death grabs my hand.

can i not hold onto this for much longer?

survive this now and make me stronger?

my sins and your love have damned me well,

but i will not be dragged to hell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

bury my words with mounds of dirt, and try to convince them that you were right to end my life.... just do it already...

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