Wake Up, Child

i close my eyes and rest my head,

falling into a dream.

the closeness of the dark,

makes me want to scream.

i walk around so confused,

with visions in the blur.

i've lost myself entirely,

but now i see a little girl.

the wind sweeps us by,

her hair is tangled in a mess.

it is in her face,

her hands clasp the edge of her dress.

pretty blue with flowers of white,

i can see she is crying.

what is it that i can do.

inside my heart is dying.

blood runs down her tiny face,

and a gash leeks from her head.

without the treatment that she needs,

she may wind up dead.

i reach out to touch the girl,

but she stumbles to the side.

it seems that she is too afraid,

that she has something to hide.

at long last i grab her close,

she tries to fight me still.

i hold her in my arms,

and walk along a hill.

her crying takes over my ears,

as she lets down her guard.

i finally stop to let her down,

but i don't get to far.

behind me a figure's hand,

places on my shoulder.

and with a fist on the other arm,

smacks into my face like a boulder.

the little girl screams out in pain,

as i'm laying on the ground.

i try to stand but find a hand,

keeping me laying down.

my eyes are closed and seared with pain,

i dare not open them now.

i cannot comprehend why,

but i'm not about to ask how.

a figure whispers into my ear,

'how dare you try to run'

i recognize it immediatly,

'was our game no fun?'

i struggle to push off the weight,

but alas i am too weak.

i cry out in misery,

like a child's cry it's meek.

the suffering and torture,

that i must endure.

i wish to die instantly,

but i'm still living, that's for sure.

intolerant to my surroundings,

i grasp out for the girl.

time to change my story,

time to change the world.

her tiny hand connects with mine,

and soon i remember the past.

as i wake, my eyes filled with tears....

it is finally over, at last....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the past hurts more then the thought of the future...

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