Open My Eyes

there is something so unexpainable,

that when i close my eyes,

i feel as if i am swimming with gills,

or floating high on skies.

the problamatic relationship,

that has me toppled and turned,

is just the right mix of chemicals,

that could get me burned.

a questioner who forces facts,

like a nervous habit breaks,

my heart starts beating really fast,

as my reality tilts and shakes.

there is nothing prettier,

then the way i tumble and fall.

this inquisitive behavior,

can stand and tell you all.

so i'm off again in dream land,

where i can so softly rest my head.

i float away on fluffy clouds,

while i'm laying in my bed.

and even though i must wake up,

because it's time to rise,

i dream a little bit longer,

until i must open my eyes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i'm dreaming away.... and i don't want to be woken up...

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