Promises Unkept

why the hell do i bother with you?

everything that you say and do?

its like i cannot control how i feel.

i'm so unaware of everything being so real.

this is crazy.

why do i put up with you?

you aren't anything that i ever expect.

i ask just the simplistic things.

and you break your promises to me.

honesty, honesty!

that is all i ever wanted!

but it seems so cold now....

i feel empty.

all these promises gone untouched.

why did you make them in the first place?

nothing is taking over me.

but what can i say to change your mind?

how do i show you what you are doing?

why do i put up with you?

because i'm hopeless.

because i can't survive without this insanity.

just please stop.

stop hurting me in such an aweful way.

the broken promises,

saying you'll be there, but never showing.




i just want things to be honest.


can't you see how i feel?

please don't hurt me like this anymore.

i've become so used to it,

so afraid of it happening again and again.

its the dull side of my blade.

cutting deeper into me without drawing any blood.

why do i do this anymore?

if i asked you to promise me honesty,

would i still get more lies?

if i traded in my sanity,

would you prey on my innocent cries.

can you finally see what you do to me?

the pain i tuck away.

stop with the promises you break,

please let the honesty stay.

i'm tired of hoping you will change,

and finding i am wrong.

please keep trying harder,

please keep moving along.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

in all honestly, i'm just as much to blame as the next person, and just as hypocritical.... so i don't understand why it makes me so sad...

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