Mental Scars

the scars that i have,

are mentally always there.

but if i never say anything,

then no one will ever care.

i have no way to tell you,

at least i do not yet.

but in a while i hope to have,

something better to bet.

when i tell you, i worry,

that you won't like what you hear.

i think i'm scared you'll leave,

yes, that is my worst fear.

none of it was my fault.

i did not ask for it at all.

i blammed myself for it,

even my unlucky fall.

I will not change my past,

and it will never stray.

i learn from it always,

and it will remain that way.

so take me as i am.

my horrible past included.

see my flaws as well as positives,

those will not be excluded.

i am something quite different,

and i'm scared, oh yes, i know,

but i will try my best to cope,

i will try my best to grow.

so those mental scars are here,

but they will never show,

unless you ask me to let you see,

you will never know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i cannot change the abuse that i have endured.... but honestly, i think i've turned out rather amazing... at least from the things that go on in my life.... yeah, i'm a pretty damn cool kid! ^_^

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