Waiting Beneath That Tree

All the air that sweeps by.

With every touch upon my sensitive skin.

I waver beneath that tree.

The one that pulls me close with warmth.

Wind brushes against my exposed neck.

And it sends a chill down my neck.

My chest feels cold and heavy.

Each heart beat questions my reasons for coming here.

The intentions were pure, i assure.

However, that doesn't stop me.

A gentle touch against my shoulder.

I feel it dancing across my face.

Wind, so soft, and so callouse.

But oh so beautiful.

Cannot decide why I am still waiting.

No sure reason why I should be standing here.

Shivering and holding myself tight.

Had I hoped to see?

Had I hoped to avoid?

'Perhaps,' you say, 'perhaps.'

This persistant thought of you.

So stupid inside my head.

The tree that means so much!

A precious park with memories littered upon it.

I cannot erase.

And I do not regret.

So what is this feeling?

This desire to see you?

The desire to hold your hand?

Heaven forbid it.

Should I wait longer?

Can I with stand the cold and the damage to my pride.

So hurt, I am, so hurt.

A tap. tap. tap. on the shoulder.

A warm smile to greet my worried eyes and tear stained cheeks.

Something so unfamiliar in you.

But, I see it.

I see in in me.

Just because I waited.

Beneath that stupid, important....


Author's Notes/Comments: 

and i know that i cannot accept this now, but i will in a while... perhaps it will be a much longer time then i think it to be.... but waiting may be the only thing to save me from myself....

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