I'm Sorry

i gave you only a few reasons,

that would lead me away,

from you.

i said that i would use them,

if necessary,

to go.

it scared at first,

to think that i,

might leave.

but now those reasons,

are so clear,

but useless.

i never got bored,

not of you,

not of anything about you.

i never fell in love,

with anyone,

but you,

again and again.

the only person hurting me,

was me,

and that was just a give in.

all the reasons i had,

weren't enough to see,

why i left you.

i know that i was rash,

which is who i am,

but sadly a horrible thing.

i can apologize all i want,

but that may never fix,

what i did last night.

my tears won't be enough,

to undo what i said,

to take away the hurt i might have cause,


i was frustrated and angry,

people do stupid things then,

now i'm left empty.


i still love you,

like i knew that i would.

each time i play it,

through my head,

i don't know where i got so angry.

i don't hate you,

but to some extent,

i do.

i hate that you didn't try,

to stop me,

from leaving.

you didn't want me to stop,

you let me go,

did you not want me in the first place?

i told you to let me go,

if you didn't want,

to be with me.

i still have feelings,

and i cried,

all night.

i knew,

that you would come,

outside my window i looked.

i didn't see your face,

i cried harder for my mistake,

my cheeks were stained.

i'm sorry,

that's all i can say,

but it is never enough.

you were right,

that's all i can say,

but it might not be the truth.

i'm angry and now,

i am sad,

because you seem to hate me.

how can you lose,

something so quickly,

that took months to build?

do you really not love me,

not care for me,

not want me anymore?

why are you,

always on my mind,

when i should be thinking about other things?

you take up my memories,

and i cannot delete you,

from my database.

i'm sorry,

i still love you,

and i have a suspiscion that you'd agree,

when i say:

i'm sorry,

for saying things i didn't mean,

for pushing you,

i'm sorry.

i think it might be easier,

if i hated you,

living with myself might be terrible,

but i wouldn't feel the pain if my heart was cold.

so i'm sorry,

because i still think of kissing you,

and i know that you probably don't care,

about me,



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i'm such an idiot... but u already knew that...

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