This Is The End

i want you to hold me tight.

tell me everythings alright.

keep me through the night.

and be my morning light.

i want you to see.

every bit of me.

drowning in my sea.

there is nothing left to be.

day light comes half way home.

and here i am, all alone.

clutching to my small cell phone.

wishing that my life was done.

you didn't even let me breathe.

cutting off my only need.

planting your evil, hatred seed.

leaving me without that ability.

so now i hurt so deep inside.

afraid and learning how to hide.

my brain is so amazingly deep fried.

how many tears have i cried?

i know that my heart will eventually mend.

buy i'm scared to know that my will could bend.

so i guess that now we are just friends?

this is it, this is the end...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm waking up from this thousand year sleep, and something is screaming from inside of me to go back to bed...

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