With Out You


With out you, I'm nothing.

With out you, I'm not whole.

I'm shattered, and broken

I'm in pieces.

Pieces of my soul.

Laying in bits on the kitchen floor.

Like glass dropped from the counter.

With out you, I'm crazy.

With out you, I'm too sane.

I start to feel things.

I start to question my being.

My being on this planet.

Worthlessness written across my face.

With out you, memories consume me.

With out you, tears fall from my face.

Crystal drops of rain splatter on the floor.

Surely Noah's Ark with soon float.

Because you left me.

I can't breathe, when you're not here.

My sight leaves me when you leave it.

All sense in my head deserts me.

And I hurt, mostly in my heart.

With out you I'm partially together.

With out you, I can't smile.

I worry about you're safety.

I cling to your aroma you leave behind.

My heart lingers with your present.

It's insane, the things you do to me.

Even when you aren't here!

I can hear your voice.

It reminds me of what I'm missing.

A painful reminder of how half full I am.

With out you, I am without me.

With out you, I am struggling so much.

I'm floating outside my life.

Watching myself slowly die away.

All because you aren't here with me.

I'm with out you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When I'm without you, I can't remember how to breathe, how to talk, how to do anything... except how to remember that I'm existing without my other half...

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