Winter Time

I close my eyes and begin to drift slowly into the silence that surrounds me.

There never was a better time to sink into this perfect scene.

Sitting under this tree, I think of what used to be.

It was unpleasant, and it was corrosive to my heart.

Now it tingles with tiny prickles that send sensations down my spine.

I only wish to sit in this cold for eternity.

Snowy wind rips across my chest, leaving me vulnerable and bare.

I can feel the burn it leaves on my snow-white skin.

Nothing seems like everything at this moment.

Pure bliss directed from the skies.

All of it just pours down onto my face, with it's acidy sting.

Each flake that falls tickles my nose and flutters around me.

The smell of winter is strong, and it is comforting to live in.

Unlike the dusty feel of my life.

Sitting on the shelf for 16 years, as if I have never lived at all.

My life isn't worth much at this point.

For everyone views me as fragil and as dependent.

I know that isn't the truth at all.

I smile because someone needs to spread all of this joy.

I laugh because people need compassion.

The things that I do, is for others to see happiness.

The star-lit sky is blooming with a pallet of colors.

Green and Blue mix together to create a lovely mosiac.

Everything has a shadow.

Regardless of worth.

My shadow sits beside me, mocking me with ever gesture I make.

How could it help but not?

Rubbing all my mistakes and bad luck into my face.

The coldest of all my companions.

In the distanc, a light flickers on.

Glowing, it is warm and its safety radiates towards my gloominess.

Slowly I stand on my own two feet, as I have never done before.

I climb through my life, its barriers and its triumphs.

Now it doesn't seem so pointless, or worthless at all.

A bright light blinds my eyes for a moment, causing me to only see white.

Heaven isn't above me, I know it is right where I am.

My eyes become heavy, as I feel my knees bend.

The cold air has stolen the life from my lungs so quickly.

Hands pull me backward, onto a solid frame.

I rest, and they caress my cheeks gently.

All of these smiling faces stare at me happily.

"What were you doing out here?"

Their voices gesture towards the ground, blanketed with thick snow.

I can only smile and recieve the same back.

They push me up, to my feet, and take me by the hand.

Pointless is not a word I could use to describe this feeling.




Winter is the season I find myself most in.

Nothing can take this away from me.

Up to the top of the snow filled hill, and down in a quick rush.

I watch the children play until my friends sit me in a sled.

They laugh and I watch contently as I am now at the edge.

No turning back, and there isn't time to ask for help.

I close my eyes;

....And fall.....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

winter always makes me relaxed and contemplative... it's beauty is captivating.. and I love it so...

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