Sacrifice Suggested by Suicide **WARNING**

I close my eyes and day dream.

The clouds rush over me, and they are white.

Windy breezes are chilly against the flesh of my face.

No one is around to pester me or my thoughts.

It's a divine day.

No distractions.

Absolute peace and bliss.

I sift into myself and let the darkness spread.

My eyes are gently resting on their lids.

Inside my mind flowers dance and people sing.

But there is more.

The clouds are white and puffy.

I can live alone or amongst my friends.

Everyone is pleased with themselves.

In my mind-made world, there is ignorance to everything.

If you don't know about it, don't worry!

A motto well kept in this society.

The people are kind, and no one hates.

Wars are short and simple debates.

Weapons only exist to defeat animals.

Even then it's wrong to hunt.

As I sit there under the tree,

in my mind-made world;

I stare up at the sky.

My heart skips a beat as I look up.

As the clouds roll in, I gasp.

Darkness and thunder control the sky.

I can see the darkness and it's thick hate and oppression.

My mind searches to find the destructive place of birth.

It is not my mind; it must be;

My heart.

It hates.

It burns.

I cannot supress the pain it holds onto.

Sometimes I cry myself to sleep.

It won't work, holding it all in.

The sky thunders, and lighting attacks.

Houses light up.

People are murdered by the evilness in my heart.

Everything is classified as a crime of passion.

Although this is my world, I cannot control it.

I want to stop!

In my mind, I form a dagger;

To rid the world of my sins,

I jag the blade of my heart, and the absolution;

It is complete.

My vital signs are sold to the devil.

Souls are returned to witness their creater's death.

I shall be reborn.

With time and patience, the abyss;

It will open and curse the world with my life.

My body twitches as the blood dye flows over it.

This pain hurts so much to me, like it's real.

Eyes open to reveal the dagger protruding my chest.

Apple red liquid spewed all over my white clothes.

Isn't it beautiful?

The end before the beginning?

I smile and inhale sharply.

Now no one will die.

Not in my mind-made world.

They shall never be created:

What I wish would have happened to me.

So as I inhale the last breath,

the one my lungs will last fill with;

I shed a tear.

Let that tear stand for humanity.

Let it stand for hope,

For Justice,

For peace,

For silence,

For ignorance;

But most importantly;

Let my death be a message of the Great Abyss, let them know that I am not afraid to sacrifice what I must to keep them safe. I know they will find my body here, under this willow tree, clinging to this dagger in my chest, but it was an act of vengence from me, for me.

I am my greatest killer, my greatest FEAR.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i am my greatest fear, but i do not fear sacrificing myself for something that i could stand up and be proud of.

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