The Blood Soaks Through

Moon light shines on the hidden path,

that will take me away.

Not so sure what darkness is,

but I know nothing about the day.

Silenty I gasp a breath,

as my head turns around.

Blank eyes that haunt me,

that lead me to the ground.

Wind blows on her black cloak,

but within her you see a deathly desire.

Crimson tides wash over her,

but still there is a fire.

Long dark hair that whips in curls,

no mouth to convery what she may feel.

Tripping, Falling, going down,

not sure if this is real.

I lay there on the wet grass,

wondering if this is what I see.

She's standing upon a rock,

holding my sense of reality.

The cloak she is wearing,

flies off with the wind.

My heart it races faster,

and I know death has to begin.

Her smile sends me chills,

for it is evil and dark.

I'm sure her intentions are bad,

she has no soul or heart.

Faster then a bullet,

she is at my side.

Kneeling by my head,

the pain is slipping outside.

I thought that she was the devil,

but she may be an angel in desguise.

Her pain is something that I feel,

no longer can she keep it inside.

Tears that echo,

like a pouring stream.

Gently she clings to me,

while her little voice does scream.

I saw her as an enemy,

one whom not to trust.

Now I wish to protect her,

for her happiness is a must.

If you could see her,

you would know its true....

The pain isn't hidden,

because the blood soaks through and through.....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for the bloody angel that shall never leave my heart, but burns itself deeper inside...

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